Unser Konzept für Ihren unbeschwerten Aufenthalt
Unser Konzept für Ihren unbeschwerten Aufenthalt

Our concept for your carefree stay

Protection and hygiene concept in times of Covid-19 (“Corona virus”)

We take into account the changed circumstances in times of Covid-19 (“Corona virus”) with our protection and hygiene concept – even though you’re basically always outside in the fresh sea air at Bali Mandala. For example, in the open-air restaurant, in the lounge by the beach, in the Wantilan Spa etc. Current studies suggest that the risk of infection outdoors is much lower than indoors.

It is up to each guest to decide how much contact he or she wants to have with other guests. In our open-air restaurant as well as in our open-air lounge, we offer enough space to eat alone or with other guests at a table and at an appropriate distance.

In addition, our protection and hygiene concept helps to ensure that you can enjoy a carefree stay with us:


  • We don’t shake hands and our employees wear face masks.
  • We recommend that you bring your face mask from home and always carry it with you for all eventualities.
  • Please wear your face mask in places where you can meet several people in closed rooms (e.g. office, reception and boutique).
  • We provide for sufficient distance between the tables in our open-air restaurant.
  • Our dishes can be put together according to your wishes at the buffet.
  • There are signs with guidelines for all guests to protect each other.
  • Please keep a minimum distance of 1 meter from other people in all areas.
  • Soaps and disinfectants are available for all guests.
    Disinfection stations (entrance restaurant, entrance spa, reception).
  • Permanent ventilation of meditation hall, spa and Wantilan spa given by the building construction.
    Continuous disinfection of much-frequented surfaces and door handles.

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Kitchen and restaurant

We also pay particular attention to cleanliness in our kitchen area. Surfaces and kitchen utensils are cleaned and disinfected daily.


In our well-ventilated spa area as well as in the outdoor Wantilan spa, we have sufficient space and distance for massage guests. Covers and towels are changed and cleaned after each massage. The staff wear face masks and disinfect their hands after and before each treatment.


Bed linen and towels are changed every three days or earlier on request, and of course before the room is occupied. They are thoroughly cleaned and prepared in the resort in washing machines that are common here. When changing rooms, the room and all surfaces are carefully disinfected.


Our boutique is open daily and individually on request. It can be entered by a maximum of two people at the same time.

Yoga hall

The yoga mats, which are provided by us, we ask you to disinfect after each yoga class. Appropriate disinfectants are provided. Of course you are also welcome to bring your own yoga mats. The meditation pillows and mattresses are washed regularly. We additionally recommend to bring a sarong as an underlay.


Our lounge is cleaned daily. Mat and cushion covers are washed regularly. We recommend using a sarong or a towel as a base. The lounge is located directly by the beach with a view of the sea. There is always a fresh breeze blowing here and you can enjoy the good sea air.


Our drivers wear face masks while driving. We also ask you to put on your mouthguard. We recommend that you leave the window slightly open during the journey to ensure sufficient fresh air.


Only a limited number of people can use the pool at the same time. The pool and the deckchairs are cleaned daily. The covers are washed regularly. We always recommend to use a towel or sarong additionally.

What to bring

We recommend that you bring along the following items from home:
• Face mask.
• Small hand sanitizers for when you are out and about (e.g. on excursions).
• Disinfecting tissues.
• If needed, you can bring your own yoga mat and yoga material.

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Please contact us if you have any questions – we will be happy to help you!