Bild Buddhaplatz Bali Mandala

Healing Journey at Bali Mandala

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  Restoring Balance – Finding Inner Peace

This two-week healing journey is especially designed for people who want to leave behind a world driven by a pace too fast for the soul to evolve and who are yearning for tranquil times of contemplation in a safe space of exceptional beauty:

GvK-Licht_trans_grey_kreis  Your personal retreat from the world for a while

GvK-Licht_trans_grey_kreis  Re-orient yourself during times of exhaustion, transition, crisis and reconvalescence

GvK-Licht_trans_grey_kreis  Re-discover intrinsic health

GvK-Licht_trans_grey_kreis  “Come home” to your Self

GvK-Licht_trans_grey_kreis  Let yourself be spoiled

GvK-Licht_trans_grey_kreis  Enjoy the enchanting magic of Bali off the beaten track

This individually designed journey is based on the three essential pillars of Body, Soul and Mind.

The three pillars of Body, Soul and Mind

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  Body

Ayurveda inspired, light and wholesome vegetarian and non-vegetarian daily buffet

Rejuvenating massages, enchanting flower baths and beauty treatments in our Wellness Spa

Gentle Yoga classes suitable for beginners and advanced students

Swimming, Snorkeling, Stand-Up-Paddling, renting a Kayak or simply gazing out over the shimmering Indian Ocean

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  Soul

Individual healing sessions inspired by the Contemplative Tradition offer guidance on your inner journey.

These therapeutic healing sessions acknowledge your current situation and allow you to reflect upon personal life issues in a safe, supportive and respectful environment.

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According to the Contemplative Tradition every human being has basic sanity.  These sessions invite you to “come home” to your Self and rediscover the inner space of wisdom and healing capacity within.

The principles of a Contemplative session are based on the awareness of your body’s energetic information, waiting to be revealed, and the confidence that the solution is always already present.

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Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  Mind

Introduction to Meditation: The simple and down-to-earth approach, of “Sitting in Silence” invites you to let your mind rest, to make friends with your Self, and to experience a sense of peace – which has always been there waiting to be discovered.

Get inspired and rediscover your creative impulses by meeting new people in an unconventional environment of kindness and appreciation.

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Take part in Bali’s rich traditional practices by means of rituals, temple visits, ceremonies as well as the possibility of healing sessions with a “Balian”, a Balinese healer.

Discover Balinese spirituality which follows the principle of creating harmony and restoring the balance between heaven and earth, the light and the dark powers, the Gods and the Demons.

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The two-week healing journey includes an initial interview to speak about your personal needs and wishes, Contemplative healing sessions, massages in our spa, yoga group sessions as well as a sunrise boat trip to watch wild dolphins.

The healing journey can be booked on request and according to Gisela von Keiser’s availability.

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Gisela von Keiser graduated with an MA in Contemplative Psychology at the only Buddhist University in the West, the Naropa Institute in Boulder/Colorado. In 1994 she opened the first practice for Contemplative Psychology in Germany and co-founded as well as taught an occupational training in Contemplative Psychology, called “Karuna Training”.

As a student of Ayya Khema, Chögyam Trungpa, Sogyal Rinpoche and Samarpan, Gisela has been dedicating herself to Buddhist practice and Contemplative self-exploration in the Advaita tradition for more than 20 years.

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