Schulprojekt Bali Mandala

Our School Project – Saraswati Mandala Environmental School

The “Saraswati Mandala Environmental School” school project was founded by Gisela v. Keiser and Rainer Grenkowitz in 2009.

It wasn’t created from a well thought through developmental plan but quite spontaneously brought to life by life in the North of Bali itself.

Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom and creativity, and the Mandala as a symbol of wholeness and unity join together in expressing our heartfelt passion of providing Balinese children and teenagers with integral educational training.

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From day 1 onwards, the mission of our school has been to afford children from our whole neighborhood and the suburbs of our village afternoon lessons in English free of charge as well as projects that are directed towards environmental education and protection.

All activities related to the school and our students are organized by a varying team of passionate teaches and volunteers from all over the world. Our school project is sustained by an incoming flow of donations and the generosity, gratitude and enthusiasm of people who want to give back to the children of Bondalem some of the welcoming warmth and joyful spirit they get to experience for themselves when visiting our school.

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Do you wish to donate? Every donation counts, no matter how big or small. Thank you!

The school project has an Indonesian PayPal account that is directly linked to the school’s bank account in Indonesia. If the page that appears after clicking on the “Donate” button is in Indonesian language, please switch to English (language choice is located on the right top of the page).

All donations will be used completely for the school project. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the school coordinators Juana and Christoph at mail(at)saraswati-mandala(dot)org or via the facebook page of the school.

Website: Saraswati Mandala Environmental School