What our guests say - Bali Mandala

What Our Guests Say

This is an authentic selection of comments from our guests. Please let us know should you wish to get in touch with them.


“I am very moved by this place: this harmony of nature, beauty, friendliness, humanity, depth, serenity and liveliness…! Here spirituality is lived in a natural and subtle way which allows a space for everything and everyone!”



“I would like to again personally thank you for everything. And of course thank the staff who looked after my every need and was so friendly and helpful. Please give warm regards to them. You are wonderful people who have created an extraordinary power place which has really touched me and which I feel in love with. I didn’t miss anything while being with you. I can’t imagine a better place for a holiday (and more) than this.”

Günther W.


“Dear Gisela, dear Rainer, we would like to again thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality at the Bali Mandala. Our second trip to your own little paradise was again something very special to us. Nowhere else did we get to unwind and relax as smoothly and quickly as with you. The friendly atmosphere which allows for the guests to get together and talk about life and all its facets is hard to find. It’s refreshing to both the mind and the heart and beautifully contrasts the multimedia/animation resorts that you find too often…”

Warm regards, Anke and René


“Thank you so much again for the all-round carefree package and the wonderful time with you at the Bali Mandala. I wish you the very best and a lot of strength to preserve this marvelous and magic spot of land. “

Silke T.


“We would like to take the opportunity to thank you again for your and your staff’s hospitality, openness and warmth. It felt so good to be in this special atmosphere owned and created by the Bali Mandala. Not only did we get to fully relax, we also ‘took on board’ new views and experiences and hope that we are able to carry this love and ease we got to experience at Bali Mandala back to our world at home.”

Ursula B.


“I would like to thank you so much for what you have created in this wonderful place. This feeling of being connected to beautiful nature, the atmosphere which is infused with warmth and peace and yet bursting with zest for life, and the heartiness and hospitality of you and your staff… simply overwhelming. I will never forget the interesting conversations and the wonderful guests and will continue to feed on the entertaining evenings spent with so much laughter. I have never felt so comfortable in my life.”

Astrid H.