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Bali Mandala: Finding rest – Letting go – Coming home

We invite you to enjoy Yoga & Meditation, a Yoga retreat, Wellness & Spa treatments, including Ayurveda massages and more, at the Bali Mandala, a charming Bungalow Resort in a secluded Garden of Eden by the sea.

Managed very personally and individually, the Bali Mandala is an inspiring place of hospitality and serenity, off the beaten track and far away from Bali’s crowded touristic spots that welcomes single travelers and groups as well as couples and families.

The spacious openness of the Indian Ocean and the powerful presence of the island’s volcanoes invite you to enjoy the magic of Bali, relax during our daily Yoga & Meditation classes, rejuvenate with our various Wellness & Spa treatments and find inner healing.


“There are places that are different. Finding them is like coming home.

Warmth and wind, sun and sea have healing powers and the welcoming feeling of finding rest in a paradisiacal garden surrounded by tropical beauty and a generous spirit of hospitality allows for you to come home to your Self.”