Bild Delphine vor dem Bali Mandala


Being taken by traditional Balinese fishing boats to watch dolphins at sunrise is a truly memorable experience and for many guests the highlight of their holiday at Bali Mandala Resort.

If weather conditions allow, one of our neighboring fishermen will await you in the early morning to take you on a memorable trip out to sea. While the starry night sky merges into the stunning tropical color palette of the rising sun the small, safe catamaran-like boats glide gently over the still water.

Bild Delfinausflug am Morgen

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  “Lumba-Lumba”

With eyes trained by long experience of dolphin watching the fishermen look for schools of these friendly mammals. You will hear an excited cry of “lumba-lumba!” (Dolphin in Indonesian) when the first glittering back of a dolphin breaks through the golden water’s surface spreading joy and happiness.

Powerful yet elegant, these magical creatures glide through the water, as quick as lightening, and stun the observer with an unexpected summersault, spinning effortlessly and playful through the waves.

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  Swift & Serene

At times large schools of dolphins shoot over the water, swift as an arrow, as if they can fly. At other times, some of them glide along in perfect serenity and it seems as if the soft ripple of the water is in tune with the mammals’ breathing, weaving some powerful magic that leaves us spellbound.

We can’t help but feel laughter and joy rising from the bottom of our hearts when watching a cheeky little dolphin baby with its pink belly at an exceptionally bold summersault, diving back into the water with a loud splash.

Bild Springender Delfin

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Dolphins possess the inert quality of opening our hearts, reminding us of playful easiness and joy of living. The Balinese sometimes call them “angels of the sea” and their presence is a blessing that is felt every time our guests return, beaming and glowing with delight. If the Gods of the Sea are with you, you might just be lucky enough to see the enormous spout of a whale or even its majestic tail submerging slowly in the depths of the sea.

The trip in typical Balinese outriggers is unforgettable, even on mornings when dolphins and whales are nowhere to be seen. If you are lucky, you may see the Rinjani volcano of Lombok (the third largest volcano in Indonesia) in the far distance or admire large swarms of flying fish and turquoise-blue marine plankton glittering like fairy dust. And marvel at the discovery of how well hidden the Bali Mandala Resort lies nestled in Bali’s largest palm grove.

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Bild Delfinausflug Bali Mandala
Bild Delfine am Morgen