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Activities & The “Real” Bali

GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Trips & Tours

Far away from the busy tourist spots in the South and around Ubud lies the Bali Mandala Resort as an excellent starting point for expeditions and day trips that explore the island of Bali in its pristine beauty.

The Bali Mandala Resort offers a selected choice of special trips & tours:

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Magic temples, hidden waterfalls, royal baths, hot springs, climbing up volcano Mount Batur at sunrise, hiking across rice fields, discovering the underwater world of the nature reserve Menjangan and many more.

Our friendly team at the Bali Mandala Resort will advice and consult you regarding our tour offers.

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GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Swimming and Snorkeling at our home reef

Snorkeling in 29 degrees warm water right in front of your doorstep is pure delight! If you are lucky enough, you can admire rare tropical fish in beautiful coral gardens passing by.

Our small home reef at about 200 m distance from the Bali Mandala Resort is under protection of “Reef Check”, an international organization that awarded the stunning biodiversity of our underwater world.

Moored buoys have been put down and a small, local diving station offers diving trips for seasoned divers starting from the resort.

The famous diving villages Tulamben and Amed are at a close distance from our resort. Another diving resort is situated about 10 km to the West and offers day diving trips and individual diving lessons.

GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Sports & Activities

Try the fun activity StandUp Paddling (SUP) while you are staying with us! For a small fee you can rent two SUP boards and enjoy the sea.

This trend sport is an amazing, joint-friendly workout for the whole body that can also be enjoyed by those new to water sports at every age.

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Enjoy your daily workout with a lot of fun and appreciate the view of the ocean and Bali’s coastline lined with palm trees while gliding on your board across warm tropical water.

If you like it more relaxed and easy-going try out renting one of our three kayaks and paddle out to sea to revel in a stunning tropical sunset.

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GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Balinese Spirituality

As the famous title “Island of the Gods” suggests, everyday Balinese life is interwoven with a multitude of holy rituals and sacred ceremonies. As a guest you are quite naturally included in the celebration of the rich culture and tradition of Balinese life.

The chants of the priests, the sounds of the gamelan and the scent of the offerings prepared daily with dearest devotion warmly welcome you to take part in all kinds of Balinese activities.

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Full moon ceremonies in festively decorated temples with Balinese dances and traditional gamelan orchestras, weddings, temple birthdays or the famous cremation ceremonies celebrated in a very traditional style will make for some of the most impressive memories during your stay at the Bali Mandala Resort.

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GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Cooking Classes

By popular request our lovely kitchen team offers an individually designed cooking class for our guests interested in Balinese cuisine. Select your favorite meal(s) from our wide choice of mouth-watering dishes and learn how to prepare them to take a taste of Bali home with you.

The early bird catches the best groceries: Join our kitchen team at a market stroll right before sunrise and learn how to cook Bali style later in the day – with lots of fun and laughter!