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Yoga & Medition im Bali Mandala

Yoga & Meditation

The practice of yoga and meditation is a vital part of everyday life at the Bali Mandala Resort. Yoga classes can be booked optionally at any time during your stay. We also invite all of our guests to our meditation session free of charge every evening before dinner.

We welcome both beginners and advanced students.

Bild Yoga im Bali Mandala

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We emphasize on teaching yoga in its essential form as a gentle inner practice of creating and restoring harmony within body, mind and spirit. We invite our guests to join our yoga classes at our uniquely beautiful ocean view meditation hall of 120 sqm.

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We welcome qualified yoga teachers from various schools, styles and backgrounds who express the healing powers and transforming grace of yoga in their very own inspiring way.

Our yoga group sessions of 1.5 hours can be booked additionally at any time during your stay. Private yoga lessons and individual yoga retreats are available on request.

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Our evening meditation session allows you to simply sit in silence, make friends with and come home to your Self.

We are open to all meditative traditions and welcome our guests to join our 20 minutes evening meditation.

Bild Meditation im Bali Mandala

Allow for your breath to flow,
let your body become open,
calm your restless mind,
remembering its original vastness.

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