Blue Mandala Silent Retreat

Blue Mandala – a unique Silent Retreat in Bali

The Blue Mandala Silent Retreat is an oasis of silence secluded from the noise of the world – the silent extension of the Bali Mandala.

Free of given structures and dogmas the Blue Mandala Silent Retreat is a place at which the power of silence can be explored in a very personal way. Therefore the Blue Mandala Silent Retreat is an “island of silence” for all people who long for a time of retreat beyond the setting of a monastery, ashram, or other forms of spiritual communities.

It is located in an enchanted garden by the sea, the untouched beauty and timeless ease of this place invites people to find peace and “come home” to themselves.

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The Blue Mandala Silent Retreat welcomes:

  • people with any kind of denomination or without denomination,
  • people with long-time meditation experience, as well as those who’ve just begun to get in touch with silence,
  • yogis wanting to start their practice at 4 o’clock in the morning, as well as people who simply wish to daydream for a while without any distraction,
  • artists requiring stillness to paint, write, or express themselves otherwise, as well as exhausted mothers and fathers who simply need a timeout from being a parent,
  • people longing to deepen a specific spiritual practice, as well as those who just need a holiday from the chatter of the world.

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GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Beach House

GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Garden House

Two Balinese style houses – the oceanfront “Beach House” and the tropical “Garden House” – offer the ideal setting for a time of undisturbed contemplation. The rooms are furnished with antique Javanese canopy beds, tasteful colors and fine Asian fabrics. Open bathing areas surrounded by bougainvillea, well-equipped kitchens and spacious porches welcome you to unwind in the midst of Eden like nature.

GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Guidance & Support

The Blue Mandala Silent Retreat is led and looked after by Gisela von Keiser.

“Living in the Blue Mandala close to the retreat houses I see myself as a ‘guardian of silence’ and competent contact person for all organizational, content-related and spiritual concerns before and during the retreat.”

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Gisela von Keiser on her connection to the retreat:

“It is my wish and vision to share the magical atmosphere of the Blue Mandala with people who long for an individual retreat and time of contemplation.

Embedded in the vision and logistics of our resort, the Bali Mandala, I consider the Blue Mandala as a silent extension of the Bali Mandala. The power of silence of this place supports people to gain the inspiration and confidence to face the challenges of our time with new courage.”

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Gisela von Keiser

GvK-Licht_trans_#333333 Team

Alongside the personal supervision of the retreat place and the spiritual support possible on request by Gisela von Keiser, the Blue Mandala is run by a Balinese team of five. Our staff members are closely connected to this place since many years and take care of the garden, room service, nightly security, or whatever assistance may be needed.

As a matter of course it is natural for our team to work quietly and to respect the “noble silence” of our guests.

GvK-Licht_trans_#333333 Individual Booking Options

The Blue Mandala Silent Retreat offers individual booking options according to personal needs:

  • Short- or long-term stays,
  • with meals or as self-catering,
  • as a Healing Journey,
  • with further services of the Bali Mandala Resort such as wellness & spa treatments or yoga sessions,
  • including contemplative one-on-one interviews / spiritual support,
  • as self-organized retreat without spiritual support.

GvK-Licht_trans_#333333 Booking Request

Please use the contact form to send us your booking request. We are happy to advise you individually via e-mail and will send you further formation as well as our price list. Thank you.

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