Bali Mandala News 1/2020Bali Mandala News 1/2020

Bali Mandala News 1/2020

Dear friends and guests of Bali Mandala,

the world seems to almost stand still these weeks. Also here, in the Bali Mandala. These times of quarantine are also times of retreat, reflection and refocusing.

The virus brings suffering, grief and uncertainty all over the world. And yet it also brings good things with it: people can suddenly accomplish things that previously seemed almost impossible and reconnect with their true calling. It is a time for realignment. And I think we all agree that the world “thereafter” will not be the same as before.

Just like in the Balinese tradition, where besides suffering there is joy, besides the night the next day and besides every negative also the good.

That gives us hope ..

I wish you and your family good health and send you warmest regards from Bali,

Rainer Grenkowitz

The care coupon

Child of Saraswati Mandala Environmental School

During the Corona pandemic it is not the time to travel, not even to the Bali Mandala – but hopefully that time of travelling will come back soon.

Therefore, we would like to offer you a possibility to support the Bali Mandala and the children with their families of our environmental school to survive this economically difficult situation:

Especially if you don’t have any specific dates in mind for your next stay with us, you can order an individually priced voucher in advance.

In order to support our guests who have already booked a stay with us in these uncertain times, we naturally offer a free rebooking service for existing bookings and look forward to welcoming you at a later date.

Your personal care coupon

You can choose the amount of your coupon in the form below. There is something for everyone – whether you would like to book short- or long term. We donate 10% of this “care coupon” to families of the children of our environmental school, who lost their jobs due to the Corona pandemic, because Bali is currently without tourists.

This voucher has no expiry date, so it can be redeemed without time limit and is valid for all overnight stays (including meals if booked full- or half-board) in the Bali Mandala. And when you come to us then, you know that with your care coupon and your stay you have helped to ensure that our staff can continue to be there for you.

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Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  News from the Bali Mandala

While the world literally holds its breath, life in the village and in the families of our team continues to grow and flourish:

Era, who takes care of the culinary well-being of our guests in the restaurant, gave birth to a healthy girl named “Komang Diara” at the end of last year. She is now mother of three.

And Punia, who as technician together with Mangku ensures that water, electricity, and buildings remain in good condition, also became a father of three by the end of last year: His son is called “Komang Alit Wi Putra”, and Punia is very proud.

Whoever has now stumbled over the word “Komang” twice, has read correctly. The very unique Balinese name giving is responsible for that. But more on that topic in the next Bali Mandala News …

Grandfather and Child in Bondalem

Grandfather and Child in Bondalem 2019

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  Covid-19 Information

Although it is a global crisis, the mood among the locals on the Island of Gods is rather calm and the number of cases of illness is limited. However, Bali’s economy, which is dependent on tourism, is suffering very much, especially since there is a general travel ban on entry into Indonesia for foreign nationals since April 2nd.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country will provide you with the latest information.

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  Moments

Putu's daughter's shoes at a ceremony

Buddha statue in meditation place

Putu's daughter's shoes at a ceremony

Sign in Pool

Putu's daughter's shoes at a ceremony

Putu’s daughter’s shoes at a ceremony