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GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Upcoming Retreats

Starting at the end of 2019

Soon we will offer a new domain for retreat participants and retreat providers:

People who are looking for suitable retreat topics can inform themselves about future retreats at Bali Mandala here. Likewise, retreat facilitators and organizers also have the opportunity to present their retreats.


Visionsreise Bali Mandala

GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Consciousness Seminar: Find Your Life Vision (held in German Language)

18 May – 01 June 2019

On this VISION QUEST Isolde Maria & Christian Lippert accompany their participants with yoga, nature encounters, meditation, valuable exercises for conscious being, vision work, potential unfolding, impulses from mental training and qualities of heart to awaken their LIFE-VISION and bring it into their lives.

Since 2004 they offer seminars for the development of consciousness in several wonderful places around the world. So, they are happy to meet and get to know all the participants at Bali Mandala.

Further information and registration under


LICHTGLANZ. Praxis & Seminare
Isolde Maria Lippert
Christian Lippert
Baderring 8
D-94116 Hutthurm
Telefon +49 8505 93 92 029
Internetfax +49 3212 93 92 028

Seminare & Retreats Bali Mandala

GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Private Seminars & Workshops (most held in English Language, some in German Language)

March to November 2018

Between March and November was the time of private seminars and workshops.

We were happy to welcome guests from the Czech Republic, Australia, Singapore, Latvia, Finland, India and Germany. Among them some groups have returned for the second time.


GvK-Licht_trans_#333333Silence and Encounter (held in German Language)

21.10.2017 – 28.10.2017

Embedded in the vital spirituality of Bali, you can rest for a week, find silence and connect with the essential.

This retreat offers the precious opportunity to pause far away from the world’s hustle and bustle, to give oneself time and to come to one’s senses. In a balanced mixture of silence and encounter, contemplation and communication you are invited to listen to what moves your soul and wants to find expression into life.

Meditation and guided contemplation open the door to our inner wisdom and playful exercises from the timeless wisdom traditions help us to unfold our potential and practice the art of transparent communication with each other. Times of silence and spaces of attentive encounter offer a protected framework in which body and mind can find harmony in a relaxed atmosphere of openness and expanse.

Lead: Silke Weiß & Gisela von Keiser

Further information: “Lernkulturzeit

A binding registration for the retreat takes place at “Lernkulturzeit“.

The booking of board and lodging is done via the Bali Mandala as a booking retruest.

Information on flights and transfers can be found under Travel and good to now.

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The BALI MANDALA is run in the spirit of the contemplative traditions. It wants to offer people the opportunity to reveal experiences of space, openness and peace. Far away from tourism, it is a place of tropical beauty and elemental power on the north coast of Bali. Located in the midst of a beautiful tropical garden, there are 11 spacious bungalows built in the typical Balinese style.

For retreats there is a beautiful temple-like meditation hall by the sea, built as an octagon. The elevated restaurant at the lava beach offers a wide view over the sea. At the buffet guests are treated with Asian/Ayurvedic delicacies.

In the Balinese wellness spa, an excellently trained team offers soothing massages, flower baths and cosmetic treatments that balance body and mind.

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Silke Weiß

Silke Weiß

Gisela von Keiser

Gisela von Keiser

Bluete im Bali Mandala

GvK-Licht_trans_#333333External Retreat: Vision Quest. Life in abundance – Live your vision! (held in German Language)

16.05.2017 – 23.05. 2017

We look forward to welcoming Isolde Maria Lippert & Christian Lippert with their Vision Quest in May 2017. More about this retreat at

If it can be your everyday practice to open
to all your feelings and emotions,

To all people and situations you encounter,
without closing down,

Trusting that you can do that –
then that will take you as far as you can go.

And then you’ll understand all the teachings
that anyone has ever taught.

(Pema Choedron)


New Year’s Retreat: Restoring Balance – Finding Inner Peace (held in German Language)

December 26, 2016 – January 3, 2017

This Contemplative holiday retreat invites you to treat yourself with space and time just for your Self in an environment of relaxation and stillness at the end of the year.

A balanced blend of meditation and contemplation in an atmosphere of loving kindness and openness allows for your body mind and body to come into balance and to find peace.

Get back in tune with your Self while assisted by gentle Tibetan healing yoga, rejuvenating massages, lovingly prepared meals and the elemental powers of the sun, the wind and the ocean.

Times of contemplative silence and mindful communication provide a safe and nurturing space for a reflection and review of the last year’s events.

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The Bali Mandala Resort is run in the spirit of the Contemplative Traditions. The resort invites guests to truly and truthfully experience sensations of space, openness and peace during their stay.

Far off the beaten track of tourism, the Bali Mandala Resort is a place of elemental power on Bali’s north coast. Nestled in a lush tropical garden lie our 11 bungalows, tastefully designed in a unique Balinese style.

A magnificent, octagon-shaped meditation hall by the sea provides space for individual retreats. Our restaurant located by the lava beach allows for stunning ocean views while guests are treated to Asian/Ayurveda delicacies.

In the Balinese Wellness Spa our professional team offers relaxing massages, exotic flower baths and soothing cosmetic treatments which balance body and mind.

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Gisela von Keiser Bali Mandala

Gisela von Keiser graduated with an MA in Contemplative Psychology at the only Buddhist University in the West, the Naropa Institute in Boulder/Colorado. In 1994 she opened the first practice for Contemplative Psychology in Germany and co-founded as well as taught an occupational training in Contemplative Psychology, called “Karuna Training”.

As a student of Ayya Khema, Chögyam Trungpa, Sogyal Rinpoche and Samarpan, Gisela has been dedicating herself to Buddhist practice and Contemplative self-exploration in the Advaita tradition for more than 20 years.

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