Bali Mandala News 2/2020Bali Mandala News 2/2020

Bali Mandala News 2/2020

Dear guests and friends of Bali Mandala,

as far as beautiful pictures and dreaming are concerned, there is no “travel ban”. And therefore you have the latest information on the subject of news from the Bali Mandala, exciting things and something to dream about.

In addition, we provide you with the latest information on the subject of “trips to Bali” and when the so-called “new normal” might also arrive here in Bali.

Enjoy reading. And stay healthy!


Rainer Grenkowitz

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  News from Bali Mandala

Of course, the Covid-19 crisis doesn’t leave the staff of the Bali Mandala untouched. And although Bali Mandala is one of the very few resorts in Bali that continues to employ its staff – albeit on a smaller scale – they are worried about their future, like so many people in the world.

Besides, there is not much to do in most of the departments like spa, kitchen, housekeeping, laundry etc. Only one department has as much to do as before: the gardeners. The plants and trees continue to grow and sprout as usual.

Which in turn makes the gardeners happy, because this makes their work virtually “crisis-proof”.

Gardener Kadek

Kadek gardening

Ngurah picking coconuts

Ngurah picking coconuts

Coconut harvest

Rich coconut harvest

Mangku with Mask

Mangku with Mask

Another news is that Komang Bidarwan, also called “Mangku” – translated “the priest” – has turned 40 (many of you will know him). And so it was celebrated accordingly in his family – but without the big crowd of people as usual at the family celebrations in Bali.


Mangku as we know him

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  The Bali Mandala – time to dream

Since you cannot travel, the Bali Mandala comes to you:

Until we can welcome you here, we would like to recommend the video of the Bali Mandala again. Because when it comes to dreaming, there is no travel ban. For some people the viewing may trigger beautiful memories of the mediation hall, for others of the garden or the daily walk to the restaurant.

Let yourself be inspired … dreaming and pausing are explicitly allowed.

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala The “new normality” is still a long way off

Just recently Bali’s Governor I Wayan Koster announced that Bali will re-open its doors to international tourists as part of a three-stage plan starting on September 11th.

This was also reported by the “Jakarta Post” on 6 July 2020.

International airlines such as Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates and others are responding to this with new regular flights.

From mid-September onwards, these will be taking off again from Frankfurt, Vienna and other European and international cities in the direction of Denpasar.

Nevertheless, on this date – as with so much in these times – everything is far from being set in stone.

The news portal “Bali Discovery” reported on July 27, 2020 that I Wayan Koster has now spoken of obstacles to the opening of Bali. First, there are the applicable entry requirements. These would first have to be revised or changed. On the other hand, countries like Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore and others would first have to open their borders again so that Bali could receive the first tourists. Until then, the authorities and people in Bali have to continue to work on the measures against the pandemic.

As in many parts of the world, a picture of light and shadow emerges here in Bali, in which the hope for a good future soon mingles.

I Wayan Koster

I Wayan Koster (Source:

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala We are ready for you: Our concept for a carefree stay

Our concept for a carefree stay

Era from the restaurant

We used the time to prepare for the changed circumstances.

We have a hygiene concept to protect the health of guests and employees. It is designed so that the Bali Mandala continues to be an inspiring place of hospitality to feel comfortable in a relaxed environment.

>> to our hygiene concept

Era from the restaurant

Who wouldn’t have recognized her?