Mandala News Nr. 2 2017

Mandala News 2/2017

Dear Friends and Guests of Bali Mandala,

due to current cause, this issue covers an on sight report on the volcano Agung, which has calmed down by now, a wonderful Balinese wedding ceremony and a special last minute offer.


Bali Mandala News - Spenden für Karangasem

Locals throughout Bali collected donations for the people of Karangasem

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  Rumbling Mountain of Gods and wonderful Cohesion of the Balinese People

Even though the news of an imminent eruption of Mount Agung has disappeared from the headlines, we understandably still receive enquiries from our guests on the current situation here.

It seems as if the “Mountain of the Gods” has naturally calmed down, or as the Balinese believe: pacified by many offerings and ceremonies.

The official warning level has been lowered to “stand by” and most of the evacuated residents were able to return to their villages.

Nevertheless, the local authorities continue to monitor the volcanic activity very closely.

Since October 16th no seismic activity has been reported, which indicates that no eruptions are expected for now. Nonetheless, the authorities maintain the restricted zone around Mount Agung in the region of Karangasem. The villages in this area remain evacuated – despite the fact that the warning level has been lowered once again on October 30th.

Many communities along the north coast of Bali and throughout the whole island give shelter to the people from the evacuated restriction zone – partly within family households, partly in evacuation camps. It’s amazing to see the natural solidarity of the whole population. There still is a shelter for evacuees in the village of Bondalem near our place. The Bali Mandala with its guests and our local school project was able to assist with monetary donations and aid supplies. Especially impressive was an afternoon visit of our school project, during which the evacuated children engaged in singing and crafting.

Fortunately, most of the evacuees could return to their villages for the most important Balinese holiday, the so-called “Galungan” celebration.

Note: In this regard we would like to point out that the Bali Mandala is far outside of the danger zone. No one is at risk in Bali due to the well-organized restriction zone around Mount Agung. Round trips throughout the island are not affected by the evacuation measures, except for the immediate surroundings of the “Mountain of the Gods”.

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  News from the Bali Mandala

Recently, our dear staff member “Putu Mey” became “Ibu Putu Mey” – a married woman. And all of our guests and staff were invited to the traditional Balinese wedding celebration at the house of her husband Ngurah.

It was a particularly joyful wedding, especially because of Putu’s happiness that spread onto everyone.

It is well known that in Bali there are more days with ceremonies than without. So, here are a few pictures of our annual “House Temple” blessing, which we’ve celebrated in early September with the whole Bali Mandala team under the spiritual guidance of Manku.

Bali Mandala News - Putu Mey bei Ihrer Hochzeit
Mandala News - Putu Und Mann mit kleiner Besucherin
Mandala News - Era, Mega und Ketut auf Putu
Zeremonie im Bali Mandala
Zeremonie im Bali Mandala
Bali Mandala News - Era, Putu und Ewik
Bali Mandala News - Fischer vor dem Bali Mandala

Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  A special time at Bali Mandala for last minute bookers – December 01st – 15th 2017 and February 01st – 28th 2018

Who longs for a tranquil time during the winter months or simply wants to escape the busy pre-Christmas season is invited to experience a special time of stillness at the Bali Mandala in the first half of December 2017 and in February 2018.

Under the heading of “Winter 2017 / 2018” we offer a 10 % discount on the booking price. Please make sure to indicate this on your booking request as we are not able to grant a discount in hindsight. Kindly note that this contingent is limited.

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Lichtzeichen Bali Mandala  Moments

Punia mit einem frischgefangenen Mahi-Mahi - Mandala News
Mandala News - Mangku, unser Priester unterwegs